TOP:  6UV (later KYY) was a tiny station operated by the Radio Telephone Shop at 175 Steuart Street, near the San Francisco waterfront. A. F. Pendleton, the store's owner, operated the station. He was on the air from 8 to 9 PM every Tuesday and Friday night on 425 meters. 6UV first went on the air about March or April, 1920, and operated only for about two years.

MIDDLE: KSL was operated by the Emporium Department Store in San Francisco. The radio room was on the seventh floor, where there was also a studio large enough to hold a small orchestra. The station was operated by Harold R. Shaw, a former KDN engineer, along with Harrison Holliway (later of KFRC). . KSL went on the air on April 3, 1922, and lasted only a year. The call letters were later re-assigned to the well-known station in Salt Lake City.

BOTTOM:  KLP, known earlier as 6XAC, was operated in 1921 and 1922 by the Colin B. Kennedy Company, manufacturer of the Kennedy line of radio receivers. The station itself was located in the home of Emile A. Portal, the Treasurer of the company, in Los Altos.  Originally, 6XAC was meant to be strictly an experimental station used in connection with the tests of Kennedy receivers. However, response to the unscheduled programs resulted in the company obtaining the KLP license for commercial broadcasts. Portal sent out weekly post cards to listeners that gave the program schedule for that week.

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