KJR Transmitter, 1927

KJR Transmitter

This was KJR’s new transmitter near Lake Forest Park in 1927.  In the first photo, chief engineer Clarence Clark is standing, while chief operator Mr. Fesidnor is seated.  KJR initially operated this transmitter at 2,500 watts, but the power was later raised to 5,000 watts.  The transmitter was probably built by Vincent Kraft's Radio Service Company, and was similar to transmitters that Clark later installed in Portland and Spokane.  In the lower photo, Clark is showing the station's new transmitter to Victor Rivers, 1927, pointing to the transmitter’s final amplifier tubes.  Separate audio cabinets with their modulator tubes are to the left in this image, and the monitor speaker and modulation monitor are on top of the cabinets.   Victor Rivers was a University of Washington engineering student in 1927, and later became an Alaska State Senator.  .