KOMO-KJR Skinner Building Studios

KOMO rehearsal, Skinner Building

First photo:  a live programsbeing broadcast from Studio A of the KOMO/KJR studios, located on the 7th Floor of the Skinner Building, 1326 Fifth Avenue in Seattle, probably in the 1940s.    The building, constructed in 1925, now houses the Fifth Avenue Theatre and is on the National Register of Historic Properties. 

Second photo:  Storms, rain, hoof beats, the tread of marching feet, or any sound effect the script calls for, can be produced with the equipment shown in this picture.  Performers are: Howard Edelson, Doug Setterberg, John Nickerson, Leon Cluff, Lionel Dobell, Rollin Neibauer and Robert Decker.

Second photo credit:  Museum of History and Industry, 1937, from a Seattle Post-Intelligencer article.