Ivar Haglund on KJR

Ivar Haglund on KJR Ivar Haglund poster

Ivar Haglund opened Seattle's first aquarium in 1938 and his first "Acres of Clams" restaurant in 1946.  He was an expert on Northwest folk music and could sing more than 200 songs from memory. During the early 1930s, he worked hard at developing his image as a Western folk singer and also became an expert and champion of Northwest folk music.  His radio career was launched by luck in 1940, when Ivar answered an emergency call from interviewer Morrie Alhadeff to fill in for a guest who had canceled. Ivar went on the air and sang some of the shanties he had written and ascribed to the appropriate tanks in his aquarium.  He soon became a regular featured singer on KJR, KIRO and later on the J.P. Patches show on KOMO-TV.