Some KOMO Candid Photos

Don Driver and Bob Hurd at KOMO studios
Producer Bob Hurd in an unidentified production below with radio actor Don Driver.  Hurd is operating the sound effects turntable cart. 
Grant Merrill and Betty MacDonald
Here is KOMO’s Grant Merrill interviewing Washington resident and author Betty MacDonald, about 1945.  Her book, "The Egg and I", sold a million copies in its first year. 
KOMO Northwest Theater
ABOVE: a production of the “KOMO Northwest Theater” with Al Morris, Bob Hurd, Lis Leonard, and Dale Smith.

RIGHT: Morton Presting announcing a program in the Skinner Building, about 1941.  Presting was later a supervisor for Far East programs for the Voice of America, and was responsible for broadcasts to Korea during the Korean War.  
Morton Presting

These are four undated candid snapshots of KOMO broadcasts taken by Merrill Mael sometime in the 1940s.