KOMO 50 kW Transmitter
Vashon Island, Washington

KOMO Building, Vashon Island

KOMO increased its power to 50 kW in 1948, inaugurating this new transmitter plant on Vashon Island, located in the Puget Sound Southwest of Seattle.  The central part of the main floor contained the transmitter.  The left wing contained an operator's bunk room, coffee kitchen and tube storage; the right wing held the supervisor's office and laboratory.  The full basement contained a double garage, transmitter blowers, water-cooling equipment for the auxiliary 5 kW transmitter, and general storage.  The antenna system consisted of three 500 ft. half-wave towers.  

KOMO Transmitter

This was KOMO's 50 kW transmitter installation.  The RCA BTA-50F transmitter is at left, with the antenna phasor and monitoring panel at right.  The control console at the operator's desk contained transmitter and audio controls.  A concrete vault behind the transmitter contained the large transformers and reactors, and a dual air cooling system was located in the basement.