"The Royal Mounted", 
A KGO Players Performance, 1924

KGO Play, "The Royal Mounted"    

" 'Throw 'im in the River!' Virgil Markham (left) Charles N. MacAllister, Eugene de Renyier, Conrad Kahn, J. Spencer Riley, Roger Noble Burnham, radio players demonstrating a scene from "The Royal Mounted", to be given from the studio of KGO, the new Pacific Coast Broadcasting Station of the General Electric Company on Thursday evening, February 14, 1924 at 8 o'clock. On the left of the picture is the microphone, or the iron ear of the continent, which is so sensitive that even the rustle of a sheet of paper may be heard for a thousand miles. The music between the acts will be played by the Mills College Trio, selected from the works of Hayden and Edward German." 

The author of "Royal Mounted" was none other than Cecil B. DeMille, who would shortly gain tremendous fame as a motion picture producer.