KSFO Transmitter,
Islais Creek

KSFO transmitter building     KSFO transmitter

The KSFO tower and transmitter building were constructed by CBS in 1938 on land leased from the State Harbor Commission on the San Francisco Bay seawall.  KSFO purchased the building from CBS in 1941 after the network transferred its affiliation to KQW.  
ABOVE, LEFT:  A view of the building in its original configuration, 1938.  
ABOVE, RIGHT: An early 40s interior view of the building, showing the Western Electric transmitter and operator’s desk.
BELOW, LEFT:  An aerial view of the transmitter building at the same period. The shadow of the tower can be seen at the lower right.   
BELOW, RIGHT:  KSFO still uses this building and tower today, but because of the land fill and industrialization that has occurred since then, the building is now located about a quarter mile inland.  In this Google Earth image, the expansions to the building made during the war years can be seen.  Another tower, since added and used only at night, is out of view to the right of this image. 

KSFO transmitter aerial view  Google Earth view


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