KUO, the Examiner Station

KUU the Examiner Station

KUO was the radio station of the San Francisco Examiner newspaper.  The Hearst paper installed the studio and transmitter in a building constructed on the roof of the Hearst Building, at Third and Market Streets, and the station went on the air April 1, 1922.   "Sparks" Gaal (seen here) was the operator and sole member of the KUO staff during its entire existence.  By 1924, it was broadcasting programs on an irregular basis, consisting largely of weather and farm reports, news, sports and stock quotations. The Examiner began to quietly phase out its broadcast operations, and by September, 1924, had taken the KUO schedule off its own radio page. However, KUO continued to operate until 1927, sending mainly weather and marine information to the San Francisco pilot boat.  In this 1929 photo, Roland Martin is operating  the Examiner's sister station, KUP, which was licensed only for private, point-to-point communications.


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