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KYA’s first license, 1926

Clift Hotel, San Francisco


KYA's first studio in the Clift Hotel, 1926 


American Broadcasting Company Network

KYA's RCA 1-B Transmitter at the Whitcomb Hotel


Pacific Salon Orchestra, 1929

Liborius Hauptmann, Orchestra Leader, 1929

Dick Haller, KYA Production Manager


Albert Gillette, Baritone, 1929

Metro and Cosmo, 1929

The Hearst Building

KYA's studio in the Hearst Building

KYA’smain control room in the Hearst Building

KYA Tower on Candlestick Hill

KYA's New Transmitter Site, 1937 - Exterior 

KYA's new Transmitter Site, 1937 - Interior 


KYA'S new RCA 5-C Transmitter, 1937 


KYA motor generators, 1937 


KYA's FCC License, 1937 


KYA’s auxiliary studio in the Hotel Oakland, 1937

KYA soprano Carol Atherton with dog Fluffy, 1936

Florence Grimes. “The Whirly Giggs”, 1936.

KYA Sports reporter Ernie Smith 


Foreman Bill on KYA, 1940's


Dude Martin and his Roundup Gang

The KYA engineering staff

KYA Chief Engineer Paul C. Schulz

Clarence Leisure at KYA

Cecil and Sally -
KYA radio entertainers 


KYA engineer Carl Christiensen in the Nob Hill Circle studios

KYA with Ampex Cue Mats

KYA QSL Card 1963

KYA tower falls, 1986

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