NBC Radio City, Then and Now

This view of the Radio City building from a 1942 color post card shows how the building looked when first built.

This photo was taken in November, 1999. The building's exterior showed signs of neglect and wear. The building was unused except for the parking garage. The front door was boarded shut. Windows and glass brick panels had been boarded up.

A renovation project was begun on the building in 2000, to convert it into more office space for a burgeoning city. The interior was gutted and completely rebuilt. The glass brick panels disappeared in favor of conventional windows. Fortunately, the owners and architects decided to retain the mosaic mural and art deco lobby as remnants of the building's historic past.

A view of the building as it appears today, at 420 Taylor Street. It's now the headquarters for ABM Industries, a building maintenance and janitorial services company.



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