KTAB's Ada Morgan O'Brien

Ada Morgan O'Brien    

Ada Morgan O'Brien was the program director of KTAB from its 1925 inauguration. She had worked in radio since 1922,  having first been in charge of programming for KFDB, the Mercantile Trust Company station on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, and then for the Hale Brothers' station KPO.  Educated in England, Mrs. O'Brien spent much of her early life studying piano and voice.  She was an accomplished pianist and mezzo soprano.  She was known for her appreciation for classical and operatic music, and for her extreme distaste for jazz.  

The Associated Broadcasters, Inc., an independent organization, was responsible for the operation and programming of KTAB from Monday through Saturday.   O'Brien was the program director for The Associated Broadcasters, and there were six subdirectors, each in charge of one night's programs per week.  The church provided religious programs for the station directly on Sundays.

O'Brien left KTAB in April, 1927, but returned to manage its programs again in 1928, when the station was taken over by Pickwick Stages.