NBC Radio City

 Building Image

Radio City was the model studio complex that NBC built at the corner of Taylor and O'Farrell Streets in San Francisco, as it appeared in 1942..    

The million dollar facility was formally dedicated April 26, 1942.  It was an impressive edifice, four stories of pink, windowless walls with layers of glass brick outlining each floor. Over the marquee, at the main entrance to the building, was a three-story mosaic mural designed by C. J. Fitzgerald which depicted different facets of the radio industry. Inside, facilities included a large performance studio, two medium-sized secondary studios, and four smaller studios. A parking garage occupied most of the first floor.

NBC vacated the building in 1967, and for a number of years it was the studio location of KBHK-TV.  In 2000, the building was converted into office space, and is now known as the 420 Taylor building.  
(Image colorized by John Schneider)

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