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WTMJ, The Milwaukee Journal Station

The Milwaukee Journal newspaper first entered the world of radio broadcasting in 1924, when it joined with Marquette University in the operation and programming of the college's 500-watt station, WHAD. But when the station's director, Rev. John Kremer, died in January, 1927, the University lost interest in broadcasting. In April of that year, the Journal responded by buying a small station, WKAF, and renaming it WTMJ ("The Milwaukee Journal"). A new transmitter plant was built in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and studios were built on the second floor of the Journal building at 333 West State Street. WTMJ began broadcasting on July 25, 1927. With the financial backing of the newspaper, WTMJ became one of the country's most influental stations, and later pioneered in the development of new technologies, including radio facsimile, FM and television.

WHAD at Marquette University:

WTMJ, broadcasting from the Milwaukee Journal Building:

WTMJ Transmitter Plant at Brookfield:

WTMJ Radio City:

WTMJ's FM Station - W55M: