KPO's 50 kW Transmitter
Site at Belmont, California

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KPO transmitter building, under construction, 1933 

Finished view and full description of KPO's transmitter building 


One of two KPO towers under construction, 1933 

Completed KPO Antenna Site, 1948  

Additional views of the KPO Antenna 

KPO 50 KW G.E. Transmitter, 1933 


Detail views of KPO 50 KW Transmitter


Inspecting Giant Air Capacitor in the Output Network of 50 KW Transmitter 


Motor Generator Room for KPO 50 KW Transmitter

Cooling Pond for G.E. 50KW Transmitter  

Inspecting One of the 50 KW Water-Cooled Tubes 

KPO transmitter engineering staff mid 1930's

KPO's transmitter engineering staff, 1941 

Joseph Baker, KNBC Chief Engineer, 1947 

KNBC-FM antenna installed on Belmont East tower, 1947 

The West tower comes down to make way for new KNBC tower, 1949 

Building the new KNBC tower, 1949 

New KNBC (KPO) antenna, 1949 

Engineer Joseph Baker stands atop the new KNBC tower, 1949

The new KNBC antenna, with KGEI shortwave antennas, after 1949

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