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KGO booklet
KGO Inaugural Booklet, 1924

KGO Studio Building, Oakland, CA, 1924

KGO Main Studio, 1924

KGO Main Studio 1926

Another view of the KGO
Main Studio, 1926

KGO Control Room
KGO Audio Control Room, 1924

KGO Transmitter Building and Antenna, Oakland, CA, 1924


KGO 7,500 watt Transmitter, 1924

KGO transmitter engineers pose in front of transmitter building - 1934

KGO transmitter circuit diagram
KGO transmitter
circuit diagram, 1929


KGO QSL letter, 1927


Howard Milholland, KGO Manager

Wilda Wilson Church
Wilda Wilson Church,
director of the "KGO Players"
Rose Brown
Rose Brown, 
Leading lady of the "KGO Players"
KGO Male Quartet
The KGO Male Quartet, 1924
KGO Play, "The Royal Mounted"
KGO broadcast, 
"The Royal Mounted", 1924
KGO Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart is interviewed by book critic Joseph Henry Jackson over KGO - September 27, 1928.
KGO musicians
Some early KGO performers

Balto at KGO
Famous sled dog "Balto" visits KGO

Let There Be Music
An Advertisement for the KGO program "Let There Be Music", 1930s
KGO Blood Drive
KGO's Bill Baldwin at a 1942 blood drive
Ernie Smith
KGO sport announcer
Ernie Smith
KGO performers
Some KGO performers of the 40s
 KGO postcard
KGO publicity postcard, 1958

Views of the KGO transmitter site in 2006

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