NBC Radio City

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Thanks to Bill Newbrough, Doris Johnson, Denise Armstead and
the family of Bud Heyde for providing these valuable images.

Architect's sketch of Radio City

Architect's model

Radio City groundbreaking ceremony, 1941

Live broadcast of the groundbreakiing

Announcer Bud Heyde interviews the construction foreman

Performers from the Barnum and Bailey Circus participate in the groundbreaking broadcast - September 1941

Views of Radio City under construction.
Radio City, the Home of NBC/KGO/KPO, Taylor and O'Farrell Streets, 1942  

A Color View of Radio City, from a 1942 post card.

A view of the building fašade, 1942

A view from the roof garden, looking East on Taylor Street, 1942

Looking up at the RCA logo and the Clift Hotel

The unveiling of the 40 foot mural

The majestic C.J. Fitzgerald mural facing Taylor Street

A closeup of the mural

A recent color photo of the mosaic mural above the  Radio City main entrance

The art deco doors at the main entrance

The lobby entrance and elevators

The main reception desk in the Radio City lobby

The grand staircase in the first floor lobby

Studio "A" of Radio City, program rehearsal in progress. 

Another view of a Studio A rehearsal

Studio A as viewed from the stage

Another View of Studio "A"

Main control room of Studio "A", Radio City 

Organist performing in Studio B.  The organ pipes are located behind the baffle on the left wall

Another view of the organ chamber baffle in Studio B

Control room for Studio B or C

Client's booth for Studio A on the third floor

Another view of the Studio A Client's Booth

Client's Booth for Studio B or C

Studio "C" on the second floor was the same size as Studio B


A program rehearsal
in Studio D, E or F

Studio "D" of Radio City 


A program performance in Studio D, E or F

Studio D, E or F control room

Speaker Studio G on the second floor

Master Control Room of Radio City, third floor 

Another View of Radio City Master Control 

An engineer makes test measurements of the audio amplifiers in the equipment room

 Final Installation Checks of audio amplifiers in the equipment room, third floor 

An engineer checks the final wiring at the back of the third floor equipment room racks

The lobby of KGO and the Blue Network on the third floor.  The recording room is visible through the window

Looking back into the lobby from the recording room

Recording Room on the third floor 


Another View of Recording Room 

The Making of a Recording


Closeup view of a recording lathe

The sound effects storage room
on the second floor



Studio H on the third floor,
seen from the control room.  The announcer is Bud Heyde.

The control room for Studio H

Studio J - an announcer's booth on the third floor

This photo was possibly taken in the record audition room on the third floor

The second floor lobby, with the news room to the left and the traffic department to the right


The traffic department office on the 2nd floor.  The board on the wall tracked the program schedule.

The NBC Manager's corner office on the 4th floor with its glass brick windows

A view of NBC Radio City
in the 1950s

NBC Radio City, Then and Now



Floor Plan, 1st floor, Radio City


Floor Plan, 2nd floor, Radio City


Floor Plan, 3rd floor, Radio City 


Floor Plan, 4th floor, Radio City 



Floor Plan, 5th floor, Radio City

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