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KFRC license application 1924
KFRC's original station
license application from
Department of Commerce files, 192
KFRC program schedule 1925
KFRC program schedule, 1925

KFRC's first studio, in the City of Paris Department Store, 1925

Harrison Holliway, founder and Manager of KFRC 

Young Harrison Holliway operating his ham radio station, 6BN 

Whitcomb Hotel

The Whitcomb Hotel -
KFRC's first home

 Don Lee Cadillac

The Don Lee Radio Networks

The Don Lee Cadillac Building,
exterior view

The Don Lee Cadillac Building,
showroom view

Don Lee booklet 1925

Pages from Don Lee publicity
booklet, with scenes of
KFRC studio.

 KFRC 1920s, with Harold Peery at Controls
Engineer Harold Peery in the
KFRC control room, 1920s (CHRS photo)

KFRC transmitter

The KFRC transmitter in the Don Lee
Cadillac Building, 1930s.
Blue Monday Jamboree poster
Blue Monday Jamboree
publicity poster

The Cast of KFRC's
Blue Monday Jamboree, 1927


Harrison Holliway announcing on KFRC's "Jamboree", 1927 


Meredith Willson, KFRC's
Music Director, 1929

Cast Photos of KFRC's
'Happy Go Lucky Hour'

Al Pearce, of KFRC's
'Happy Go Lucky Hour'

'Haywire Mac' McClintock of KFRC's "Mac and His Gang", 1920's 

The Murray and Harris comedy team

Morey Amsterdam
Comedian Morey Amsterdam

Cal Pearce
Cal Pearce and some other
KFRC characters

Sunset sheet music
Sheet music for the song "Sunset",
introduced on the "Happy Go Lucky Hour" on KFRC

Edna Fischer, popular KFRC pianist 

Tommy Harris, KFRC's 14-year-old star vocalist,  1932 

 Mayor Rolph at KFRC
Governor James Rolph
at KFRC, 1932
Ernie Smith
Ernie Smith football broadcast
on KFRC, 1930
KFRC comedy team
Comedy programs on KFRC
in the early 1930s

Merv Griffin began his career
as a KFRC staff vocalist


Two Early KFRC QSL cards

Ruth Anderson
Ruth Anderson, KFRC Newscaster

Earl C. Anthony antenna
Competition with
Earle C. Anthony
KFRC Breakfast Gang
The KFRC Breakfast Gang
KFRC Jimmy Lyons
Jimmy Lyons on KFRC, early 60s

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