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Alfred Hubbard, 1924
Alfred Hubbard, 1924
KFQX License Application
KFQX Original License
Application, 1926
KFQX Article
Article about KFQX from
Radio Digest Magazine, Nov. 1924
Cobb Building - first home of KOMO
The Cobb Building -
the first home of KOMO
KOMO Musicians
KOMO Staff Musicians
KOMO pianist
KOMO Pianist
KOMO Control Room
KOMO Control Room
Fisher Mill
Fisher Flour Mill with
KOMO Antenna, 1933
Birt Fisher

Birt Fisher, KOMO Manager

Brougham and Dempsey
Royal Brougham with
boxer Jack Dempsey on KOMO
KOMO Aunt Missouri
KOMO Article, 1927
KOMO Harmony Team
KOMO Harmony Team, 1929

Skinner Building 1928
Skinner Building, 1928
Skinner Bldg

KOMO - KJR Studios in the Skinner Building - Floor Plan

KOMO engineer

Two Views of the KOMO-KJR Studio Engineers, 1937

KOMO Staff & Management 1937
KOMO Staff and
Management 1937
Ed Zollman at KOMO Organ
Ed Zollman at the KOMO organ
KOMO-KJR Ad, 1941
KOMO Rehearsal in Skinner Building
KOMO Rehearsal in the
Skinner Building
KOMO Studio Program
KOMO Studio Program 1940
Merrill Mael
KOMO Announcer
Merrill Mael
KOMO Candid Photos
Some 1940s KOMO
Candid Photos
KOMO Transmitter locations
Aerial View of old and new
KOMO Transmitter locations, 1933

KOMO KJR antenna

Aerial Views of the KOMO-KJR Transmitter on Harbor Island, 1936 and 1964

KOMO KJR Building

KOMO-KJR Transmitter Building, 1936

KOMO KJR Ceremony

Joint ownership of KOMO
and KJR ends, 1942

KOMO's 20th Birthday
KOMO's 20th Birthday, 1946
KOMO Studio Building
KOMO Studio Building
KOMO Master Control Room
KOMO Master Control
KOMO Studio B
KOMO Studio "B"
KOMO Studio C
KOMO Studio "C"
KOMO Director's Booth
KOMO Director's Booth,
Between Studios "B" and "C"
KOMO Studio E
KOMO Studios "D", "E" and "F"
KOMO Control Room
KOMO Control Room for
Studios "E" and "F"
KOMO Audience Participation Studio
KOMO Audience Participation
KOMO Floor Plans
KOMO Studio Building
Original Floor Plans, 1948
KOMO Vashon Island
KOMO Transmitter Building,
Vashon Island

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