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Tenth Ave Baptist Church - 1920 and 1935

Tenth Avenue Baptist Church,
in 1920 and 1935
Tenth Ave Baptist Church - sketches
Sketches of the Tenth Avenue
Baptist Church
Rev. Philips of KTAB
Rev. George W. Phillips, pastor of the
Tenth Avenue Baptist Church 
KTAB groundbreaking article
Article in Oakland Tribune about
KTAB groundbreaking

The KTAB antenna at the Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, 1926 

Invitation to the inaugural ceremonies of KTAB, Oakland, 1925 

Broadcasting the 9 AM "Hour of Prayer" over KTAB, 1926 

The main studio of KTAB, 1926 

The KTAB operating room, 1926 

The staff of KTAB, 1926 

Tenth Avenue Baptist Church
Tenth Avenue Baptist Church with
KTAB tower (composite image)

Ada Morgan O'Brien, KTAB 
Ada Morgan O'Brien, 
KTAB's program director
Marvin Crawford at KTAB
Marvin Crawford on the KTAB
entrance steps, 1926-29
KTAB ads in Tribune
KTAB ads in Oakland Tribune 1925

  The Pickwick Stages
The Pickwick Stages leases
KTAB from 1928-33
KTAB trade magazine ad, 1933
KTAB magazine ad, 1933
KTAB QSL card 1933
KTAB QSL card, 1933
Pickwick Hotel San Francisco
Pickwick Hotel, San Francisco -
second home of KTAB
Images of the Pickwick Hotel
Some images of the Pickwick Hotel from the Chronicle, 1928
Wesley I. Dumm

Wesley I. Dumm, president of The Associated Broadcasters, 1933-1955

Wesley and Franklin Dumm
Wesley and Franklin Dumm

Palace Hotel
Palace Hotel on Market Street -
home to KSFO and later KQW
Palace Hotel studio entrance
Entrance to KSFO studio in the palace Hotel
Palace Hotel studio floor plan
Floor plan of KSFO studios in the
Palace Hotel
KSFO master control Palace Hotel
KSFO master control in the
Palace Hotel
KSFO remote control Palace Hotel
KSFO master control in the
Palace Hotel
KSFO control room Palace Hotel
Control room for a KSFO
studio in the Palace Hotel
KSFO opening at Palace Hotel
KSFO dedication broadcast from
Palace Hotel ballroom, 1937

KSFO sponsor room
KSFO's Sponsor Audition
Room in the Palace Hotel, 193
Jane Kaye on KSFO
Jane Kaye and Art Linkletter
make music on KSFO, 1939
Dude Martin
Dude martin's Wild West Revue Gang,
from a KSFO postcard, about 1938

Dick Aurandt
Dick Aurandt, KSFO's
music director, 1940

Announcer Rod Kurry on the air
at KSFO, 1942

Tonight's Best Buys
"Tonight's Best Buys"
program on KSFO
Fisherman's Wharf Interview
Movie "Fisherman's Wharf"
Interview on KSFO, 1939
Yawn Patrol
KSFO's morning
"Yawn Patrol" program
California Governer Culbert Olsen
California Governor Culbert
Levy Olson on KSFO
Eddie Cantor and the Mayor
Eddie Cantor and Mayor Angelo Rossi sing barbershop harmony
KSFO news car
KSFO local news coverage

KSFO's Wally King, 1945

Nob Hill Circle
KSFO at No. One Nob Hill Circle
Master Control
Construction of the Master
Control Room
KSFO studios
Construction of the KSFO studios

KSFO master control, 1942 

KSFO Studio Eleven,
No. 1 Nob Hill Circle, 1945

Navy bands at KSFO
Navy Bands perform from
Studio Eleven

KSFO Studio Audience,

Number One Nob Hill Circle
KSFO recording center
KSFO recording center
KSFO staff photo
KSFO Staff Photo, Early 40s
KSFO tower
KSFO tower and
transmitter building, 1938
KSFO expansion
KSFO transmitter building
shortwave expansion, 1942

The KWID shortwave antenna, under construction


KWID shortwave transmitter - under construction, 1942 

Giant transformers for
KWID transmitter

KWID shortwave transmitter - completed installation, 1942 

The KWIX shortwave transmitter

The KSFO staff pose in front of the transmitter site, 1943

KSFO transmitter and tower, 2006 


KSFO, Fairmont Hotel, mid 1950's

 KSFO Air Personalities
KSFO Air Personalities
50's, 60's, 70's
KSFO sportscasters 
KSFO sportscasters
 KSFO News Dept
KSFO News Dept, 1960s

Behind the Scenes 
Behind the Scenes at KSFO


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